Friday, 4 January 2013


A few years ago I was getting these really insane water bills. I mean HIGH! So I decided to dig some wells in my yard to have water for my landscape. I live alone, so I know it had to be from watering the grass. So I hired a company to come out and dig these wells. The foreman and I walked all around my yard and as we were walking he was putting down flags. I asked what the flags were for. He said, "The flags represent good places to dig for water." I asked, "Why do you have so many flags?" He said, "I'm not sure if any of these places will produce water." I said, "Hold up, you mean if you dig all these spots and don't hit water I still have to pay you?" He said, "Yes, that's how it goes." I said, "Ok, fine." Needless to say, he dug three wells and never hit water. I said, "Just stop."

I got a few more extreme water bills and called him back. He said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes, keep drilling until you hit water." The next well he dug he was down 500 feet and still didn't hit any water. He asked if I wanted him to stop. I said, "Go deeper." He dug down another 200 feet and still nothing. I said, "Go deeper." He drilled another 200 feet and he hit rock. I said, "Blast it, cut it, do whatever you have to do but keep digging." After fighting the rock and breaking his drill and getting a new one we got a little deeper. He said, "We are at 1,200 feet, why do you want me to keep going?" I said, "Cause I'm tired of these water bills and I'm going to do something about it." He said, "But this is really deep." I asked him if he had hit water yet. He said "no," so I told him to go deeper. "But you don't understand," he said. "We don't usually drill this deep, this is going to be expensive." I told him that, "Sometimes you have to go deeper to get what you are after, no matter what the cost." He started the machine and went down another four inches and hit a river of water. Just a few inches separated me from getting my breakthrough. That was five years ago and that well has never run dry.

In 2013 I want you to apply that to your life in all ways. Sometimes you will spend time on a thing and it will produce no water. Don't be afraid to move on to another spot. YOU CAN'T HAVE FEAR. I don't care how much time you put into it. If the well is dry MOVE ON! Nothing lives where there is no living water. Be it a relationship, a job, a business, don't be afraid to move to another spot.

Now, on the other hand, if you are digging your well and you are sure that it is not only where you want to be but where God wants you to be, then keep digging in that same spot. Don't stop digging until you hit a river of blessings. Don't stop praying until you live in the change you've been waiting for. Don't stop pushing until you deliver your breakthrough. Yes, it will get difficult. Yes, you may hit rock. Yes, there will be a cost. But when you get to what God is trying to get you to, YOU WILL RECOVER IT ALL! One of my favorite scriptures says that. "PURSUE AND YOU SHALL RECOVER IT ALL!"

Some people give up when they are only inches away!!

Happy New Year.


Friday, 9 September 2011


Hello my friends,

    I know you've all been waiting earnestly to read more about my experiences on the road from Ghana through Togo to Benin.  Well i would say the Ecowas immunity where people traveling from one country to the other in West Africa hustle free is just on paper but not practiced on our west African borders.
   The journey from the harbor area of Togo to the border between Togo and Benin was uneventful. Many times, there were nostalgic feelings of my beloved Ghana rushing through me. The architectural advancement Ghana has made in buildings made it more endearing. In Togo, most of the buildings or settlements along the coast looks dilapidated and the sea has eroded most of the fittings on the buildings. It is also better not to mention the filth along the road. Lots of litter everywhere. After some forty- five minutes drive, we left the coastal area to my relief. You know, i have a phobia for water and a violent one like the sea is something i try to avoid anytime. I know i can never survive in countries like the USA, with their constant battling with the horrifying Hurricanes, hahahahahahahaha.
   Finally, we were on the highway with lots of greenly view to refresh and calm my nerves. I must say, that the road was a smooth one devoid of potholes which is a normal case with most roads in Ghana. The tall sugar-cane vegetation flanking both sides of the road made me want to ask the driver to stop so i can have one but the thought of being confronted by the owner in the French language deterred me. Its amazing how the telecommunication business has caught up with this part of the continent. MTN, a mobile communication provider has left no stone unturned as like their catch phrase "every where you go", you would find their billboards everywhere along the road to Benin. Well we arrived at the border between Togo and Benin around 2.30pm and very hungry. What do we eat? Hmmmmmm.
   After greasing the palms of the Officials (Douane) at the border, we were allowed to cross into the Benin side of the border. Well, don't look surprised, in fact wipe that questioning look off your face because if you do not give out that money you aren't going nowhere. That's the unwritten law.
Anyways, i have to run, i will bring you the concluding part pretty soon. Till then be safe and stay blessed.

HOT FOOTBALLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
I just chanced upon this photograph and i thought i have to share it with you all.
Our Nollywood "STARS"  over the weekend had a football match with their counterparts in the music industry to honor the late Christy Essien- Igbokwe  at the Teslim Balogun stadium at Surulere, Lagos- Nigeria. the match was tagged  "Match of the Stars"
 Check out the players in their jerseys.


Hello my dearies,
 I dont know the kind of wind that is blowing on our West African part of the continent. The entertainment industry has been hit again with another death. How sad it is that we are losing our veteran "STARS" so early in life. Just a couple of months ago, we lost a great actor Mr Sam Loco and now another one has to follow.

Nigerian film industry has lost another Nollywood veteran, Mrs Geraldine Ekeocha. The actress died yesterday after a fibroid operation in a hospital in Enugu Nigeria. Geraldine Ekeocha has acted in over 80 Nollywood movies including Heavy storm, tears in Marriage and many more. The news of the death was confirmed by actress Tonto Dikeh.
On a more general note however, what do you think about fibroid and its treatment? As more and more of my mothers, wives and sisters keep succumbing under this unfortunate medical problem, should it not be elevated and given a higher priority in educating and finding better solution?

 May you find a resting place in the arms of your beloved Maker.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

I Am Back With A Bang!!!!!!

It's amazing how i have lost the exuberance to write or am i just being lazy? Well its been a long time since i actually wrote on my own blog. A lot of issues has come and gone, you know in Ghana, especially on the political front, there's always a new issue or topic to read about and these topics make headlines for about a week and something new comes up again, we then go on and on with this new one till another comes up. Hahahahahah, Ghana is an interesting country to live in, and i just love my country. In 2007, i tried travelling to the Republic of Benin by road through the eastern corridor thus the Aflao border. It was quite an experience, the problems started from the Ghana- Togo border but being who i am, i went through the border without much hustling like most Ghanaian or other travelers do. Hmmmm, after leaving the outskirts of Lome, the capital of Togo, we were hit with a winding vehicular traffic. Time was 10:30 am. It was one frustrating period i had to endure and till date i have not been involved in that kind of traffic ever again, Phew, i can never wish  my worse enemy to go through such an experience, the problem was rectified after some 2hrs and off we went towards the border between Togo and Benin.You can imagine my frustration by now because the trip was meant to be a return trip and as at 3pm, we were not yet in Benin. Hmmmmmm, i have to pause here and continue later as my Chicken Groundnut soup which is still on the fire is begging for attention. Please do stick with me as i come your way later with the rest of my experience when i traveled to our neighboring  french speaking countries.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gaddafi the Gangsta!!!!!!!!!





Nollywood Celebs dressed for lunch with President!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch with the president is a rarity and was indeed an honored invitation for the Nollywood stars to meet, dine and share for the president’s inaugural celebrations. Below is the array of stars and how they looked for the lunch date.
ini edo
tonto dike
genevieve nnaji
rita dominic
stephanie okereke